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This collection includes gourmet coffee beans and ground coffee from three different roast categories: Medium-Dark, Dark, and Extra Dark.

MEDIUM-DARK ROAST: Darker in color with some visible oil on the surface. The medium-dark roast is known for having more body than its lighter counterparts with a slightly bittersweet aftertaste.
Inner Peak Blended Medium-Dark Roast: African KawahaLatin American Blend
Inner Peak Single Origin Medium-Dark Roast: Bali BlueHonduras

DARK ROAST: Boasting a chocolate color, sometimes black, the dark roast is known for having a visible sheen of oil on the surface of the bean. The flavor has a detectable bitterness, however, there is a noticeably less acidity present when compared to lighter roasts.
Inner Peak Dark Roast: Cold BrewFrench Roast

EXTRA DARK ROAST: This uncommon roast combines a robust flavor with a rich taste. The extra dark oily beans have a deep, heavy coffee flavor. The acidity of this roast is virtually non-existent. Extra-dark roast has the lowest caffeine content of all of the roasts.
Inner Peak Extra Dark Roast: Italian Roast