Step by Step Guide: Pour Over Coffee

Have you experienced the joy of making Pour Over Coffee? If not, it might be just what you need to take your coffee experience to the next level!

What is Pour Over Coffee?

Pour over coffee is a simple way to gain full control over your coffee. There are no complicated machines or electronics to create a great cup of coffee. You simply pour a steady stream of hot water over ground coffee while extracting all of the flavor that you would get from a French Press or drip machine. Pour Over Coffee Makers are a simple and effective way to switch up your coffee routine.

Where can I buy a Pour Over Coffee Maker?

You can get a Pour Over Coffee Maker starting at $16. Amazon has some great options such as the Cosori that makes 8 cups for $29.99, or the Chemex that sells for $47.95. If you have some money to spend, Chemex is a brand that is widely known in the coffee world, otherwise, cheaper options will still brew an amazing cup of coffee. Look for is sized appropriately for your needs. Do you want to just make a cup for yourself, or brew a pot for the whole family?

How do I make Pour Over Coffee?

1. Measure your coffee - Start with about 2 tablespoons of Inner Peak Coffee for every 6 ounces. Adjust the strength from there. Pour ground coffee into strainer and place in glass container.

2. Heat your water to a boil, then let it rest for a few seconds to stop the boil.

3. Pour the hot water over the coffee to make the coffee 'bloom'. This is done by pouring steady and add just enough water to fully saturate the grounds, then stir gently.

4. After the bloom pour, continue to slowly add the remaining water, allowing the water to trickle through the coffee. Pause if necessary.

5. Once you have poured all of the water, remove your filter, and enjoy!