Is Single Origin Coffee Worth Your Dollars?

Maybe you have heard or seen the term "single origin" while visiting your favorite local coffee shop. Maybe you were scared to speak up in front of a crowd and ask, "hey, what's this single origin coffee you are advertising?" Well, have no more fear, we are here to help explain exactly what it is and why it might be worth your hard earned dollars.

The term single origin lacks a true definition, however, it is generally referring to the fact that the coffee beans were harvested from a single farm, region, or country. This makes the coffee quite traceable in the fact that you can find out exactly where the beans came from and that it's a specific coffee, not a blend.

Each coffee growing region around the world has it's own growing conditions and harvesting techniques, which brings out unique flavors in each coffee. No two coffees are the same, and it can be a fun experience to try different single origin coffees side by side.

A single origin coffee can be compared to a single malt scotch where the scotch can be traced back to a single grain, or a single vineyard wine where the grapes can also be traced back to a lone vineyard. You, as the consumer, can identify the exact region from where the coffee came and you can learn more about its growing conditions and harvesting methods which are critical components in what gives each coffee its unique flavor. Single origin coffee beans are coveted due to soil conditions and/or altitude at which the coffee is grown.

Trying different gourmet coffee can be a fun experience, and we hope you give single origin coffee a try. Each single origin coffee will have unique flavor notes, so be sure to find the one that best suites your preferred taste. In the description of each of our coffees, we explain their flavor profile, growing, and harvesting conditions, to help you understand how each coffee gets its flavor.