Flavored Gourmet Coffee from Inner Peak Coffee

Do you love adding a little flavor to your coffee but don't want to add milk, sugar, or calories? We've got great news, you can enjoy your coffee without the guilt! All of our flavored gourmet coffee starts with specialty grade coffee and is roasted to a smooth medium. It is then carefully flavored with all natural oils that give the beans an amazing flavor and aroma without the extra calories.

The key to great coffee starts with the beans and at Inner Peak Coffee, we only use coffee beans sourced from the finest growing regions on earth. All of our coffee is Specialty Grade which means that the beans score a a minimum of 80 on a 100 point scale by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). According to their website, the SCAA is a trade association built on foundations of openness, inclusivity, and the power of shared knowledge. SCA’s purpose is to foster global coffee communities to support activities to make coffee a more sustainable, equitable, and thriving activity for the whole value chain." Inner Peak Coffee Company is proud to say we only provide coffee that meets the values of this association.

Now, onto some of our amazing flavored gourmet flavored coffee products. We are constantly adding and removing flavors depending on demand and the season so that you never grow tired of your morning cup of joe. From Hazelnut to Caramel and Cinnabun, we've got great flavors that can be enjoyed along or used as the base for your favorite iced or coffee drink. Check out this blog post to check out how you can make amazing flavored gourmet coffee recipes in your own kitchen.

The best selling flavor of Inner Peak Coffee is Cinnabun. This coffee has all of the amazing flavored of your favorite iced cinnamon roll without the sugar, icing, or calories. You will think you just baked a batch of cinnamon rolls when you brew a pot of our Cinnabun coffee. Its a great way to start your morning or also can be served with dessert after a dinner party.

Next up in Inner Peak Coffee's flavored gourmet coffee lineup is Caramel. This fan favorite has all an natural sweet buttery caramel flavor that is fantastic alone or as the base for your blended drinks. It can be served black or used as a base to make great tasting coffee drinks such as iced caramel macchiato, a cafe caramel macchiato, a skinny caramel frappe, or an easy caramel latte. This flavored gourmet coffee will instantly become a staple in your kitchen due to its rich taste, amazing aroma, and versatility in a wide variety of drinks.

 We've also got a coffee for all of the bourbon fans out there. Our Bourbon Barrel Aged coffee starts off as a specialty grade single origin bean and is aged in a bourbon barrel for 30 days before roasting. The aging process gives the coffee a deep rich bourbon flavor while having the aroma of your favorite whiskey. It's another great option that can be brewed alone and served black or with a touch of creamer or it can be used to create some unique flavored coffee drinks. This flavored gourmet coffee is a great option when making alcoholic coffee drinks such as Kentucky Coffee, maple bourbon coffee, or the timeless original Irish coffee.  

A classic flavored gourmet coffee that has stood the test of time, our French Vanilla coffee is rich, creamy, and well rounded. The silky flavors blend perfectly with this small batch roasted coffee. This coffee is a great option when creating fun drinks such as frozen French vanilla coffee, French vanilla iced coffee, or a French vanilla cappuccino.

No matter what your taste buds prefer, Inner Peak Coffee Company has a flavored gourmet coffee for you. Check out our lineup of flavored coffee today!