Coffee Roasts

The level to which the coffee bean is roasted has the most impact on the overall taste of the coffee. Coffee roasting is the both an art and a science and is based up altering green coffee beans into the roasted coffee product. During the roasting process the characteristics of the coffee bean are significantly changed which gives the coffee its flavor.

The style and types of equipment used during the roasting process has a lasting effect on the flavor Coffee roasting is generally accomplished by heating the beans up in a large cylindrical machine with open flames underneath that rotates to allow for mixing. As the beans absorb more heat, their color becomes darker. The hotter the roasting process, the darker the bean.

Want to learn more about the roasting process? Check out this great article from the National Coffee Association here called Coffee Roasts Guide.

A common myth with coffee is that the darker the roast, the higher the caffeine level. However, it is exactly the opposite. The lighter roasts are subjected to less intensive roasting processes, therefore preserving more of the original coffee flavor and caffeine.


LIGHT ROAST: Light brown in color with no noticeable oil on the surface of the beans. Light roasts typically are able to retain the most flavor from the original state of the bean as well as having more caffeine content. 

Inner Peak Coffee Examples: Breakfast Blend


MEDIUM-LIGHT ROAST: Not as common as the other roasts and lands in between light and medium. Slightly more body than a light roast with a little more caffeine than the medium roast. It's a good alternative for those who want the extra caffeine with a little more bold flavor.

Inner Peak Medium Roast: Ethiopia Natural, Tanzania, Gourmet Donut Shop


MEDIUM ROAST: Most coffee tends to fall into the medium roast category and its the most popular choice in North America. Similar to lighter roasts, medium roast coffee has no visible oil on the surface, however, they are a medium brown color and with more noticeable body. Medium roast is known for having a well balanced flavor.

Inner Peak Flavored Medium Roast: Caramel, Chocolate Hazelnut, Cinnabun, Cinnamon Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Mexican Chocolate, Mocha, Pumpkin Spice

Inner Peak Blended Medium Roast: Asian Plateau, Breakfast Blend Plus, Half Caff, House Blend

Inner Peak Single Origin Medium Roast: Brazil Santos, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Papa New Guinea, Peru, Peru Decaf


MEDIUM-DARK ROAST: Darker in color with some visible oil on the surface. The medium-dark roast is known for having more body than its lighter counterparts with a slightly bittersweet aftertaste.

Inner Peak Blended Medium-Dark Roast: African Kawaha, Cowboy Blend, Latin American Blend

Inner Peak Single Origin Medium-Dark Roast: Bali Blue, Honduras


DARK ROAST: Boasting a chocolate color, sometimes black, the dark roast is known for having a visible sheen of oil on the surface of the bean. The flavor has a detectable bitterness, however, there is a noticeably less acidity present when compared to lighter roasts.

Inner Peak Dark Roast: Cold Brew, French Roast

EXTRA DARK ROAST: This uncommon roast combines a robust flavor with a rich taste. The extra dark oily beans have a deep, heavy coffee flavor. The acidity of this roast is virtually non-existent. Extra-dark roast has the lowest caffeine content of all of the roasts.

Inner Peak Extra Dark Roast: Italian Roast


Non-roasted green coffee beans, light roast, medium roast, and dark roast.

Coffee Roast Levels, Green, Light, Medium, Dark





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