Coffee Grinds

Our coffee is available in in three different options, as whole bean for those who like to grind their own coffee, in a standard grind for use in your common drip coffee maker, or in an espresso grind for use with espresso style coffee makers.

Whole Bean: We leave the grinding to you. Whole beans are for the coffee enthusiast who like to grind their own beans shorty before brewing for the freshest cup possible. Coffee, once ground and left to sit, has the tendency to lose it aroma over time. Brew immediately after grinding for best results.






Standard Grind: This is is what you typically see when you buy ground coffee from the grocery store. The pieces are small and this grind is best used for pour-over and drip coffees.

Ground coffee


Espresso Grind: Espresso grind is the smallest we offer. is the smallest we offer. This grind is used mostly for espresso coffees and for use in stove top espresso makers.

Espresso grind coffee